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Luxury Hideout

Updated: May 11, 2021

Modern locked-down life can be stressful. However, there are many ways to elevate your home from a place to live and work to a peaceful haven.

Transform your residence into a luxury hideout - somewhere you would not ever want (or need) to leave. In addition to my last blog about creating a home bar, here are a few more ideas for creating the dream at-home retreat, whether your priority is pampering or play.


Why settle for an ordinary bathroom when you could have your own luxurious well-being center?

Create a classic spa vibe by decorating your bathroom with lighter colors that have naturally calming effects, such as soft sky blue, soft organic green, or champagne.

Add in some traditional spa finishes, such as bamboo or marble and live plants to add a taste of the tropical, boost mood, reduce stress, and cleanse the air.

Plan your storage carefully so you can keep all clutter to a minimum and add a couple of comfortable chairs and a drinks table for lounging.

Fluffy bathrobes, candles, and a delicious drink are mandatory!


Take your movie marathons to the next level by creating your own personal movie theatre. Choose an underutilized room in your house to transform into a cinema room, complete with comfortable seating, dimmed lights, a wide-screen TV or projector, surround sound, soundproofing, and, of course, a drinks cabinet in the corner.

Make movie nights more glamorous with velvet seating and black-out drapery for a vintage movie theatre look.

Consider acoustics, too, soundproofing the room to ensure a high-quality audio experience. Add any one of a number of beautiful soundproofing solutions from Acoufelt.


A designated reading room will offer a uniquely relaxing space to any home. With your favorite art and design books and novels on display. A dedicated reading room must include comfortable seating, elegant drinks or side table, and excellent lighting.

If you want to use your library as your home office, you may also add a statement desk, such as Melt by Rochebobois or select a beautiful desk and shelf combination from Huppe

Of course, Viali offers homeowners the opportunity to custom-design their study or library to their specific preferences and the layout of their home.

One option, for example, could be floor-to-ceiling shelves. Or you might want to turn a particularly awkward nook or cranny into a bespoke cupboard. And why not commission a desk in a matching finish?

Linda Price-Bennett

Currator of The Good Life ™

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