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Design Philosophy

Under the direction of Linda Price-Bennett, projects completed by Viali are distinguished by attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, respect for budget and timelines, and a strong point of view that guides the design process from inception to completion with minimal stress for the client. Whether a residential or a retirement residence project, the following philosophies guide the work carried out by Viali: 


It's Your Home, Not Ours

Your home must reflect your tastes, your lifestyle, and your style. Our role is not to tell you what we think is beautiful. Our role is to find, design, and bring to life the things that you find beautiful. Everyone is different. Each of Viali’s projects features a completely different look and feel, reflecting the uniqueness of each homeowner.

Art is Important

Art can bring life to a living space. It is important. Art should reflect the personality and feelings of the homeowner, and any good design either takes existing art into account, or brings new art into a design.

Sustainability Matters

We always seek out sources of products and materials that are sustainably manufactured. Where possible, we utilize natural materials to minimize possible allergic reactions.

Lighting is Critical

Even a well-designed space with poor lighting will be unattractive. Lighting should be warm and inviting. Art should have the necessary level of lighting needed to fully appreciate it. Most lights in the living space should be controllable via dimmers, allowing you to control the amount of light for any mood or activity. We believe most lighting in any modern living space should be LED. Modern LED lighting is sufficiently warm, on the order of 2700 K, to bring a warm and body friendly feel to a home. Cold, ghostly,” pure white” lighting is usually inappropriate.

Music Means a Lot

Everyone loves music. You should be able to play the music of your choice in the room of your choice, at the volume of your choice. There should be no boxy speakers visible anywhere in the home, and no visible wires. Ideally, speakers can be hidden completely via invisible speakers. Every visible wire or speaker box presents an obstacle to the beauty, comfort, and convenience of a given room.

Functionality is Key

Home can be aesthetically pleasing but it may not be as functional as it could be. A highly functional home has a logical layout for doors, furniture placement, etc. A kitchen is a great example. You should be able to move between appliances with a minimum of motion, and access to pantry and cooking equipment easily.

Wires Are Unsightly

Visible wires running along the floor, behind furniture, and up walls must be avoided where possible. A good design will minimize all visible wiring in each room. This can be challenging in the case of a renovation, but with a new build, we try to ensure that outlets are placed to minimize visible wiring. With modern home automation most wiring can be easily hidden behind the walls, or concentrated in a wiring closet.


You should know what's important to us. We'll learn what's important to you. 

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