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Home Automation

We believe automation plays a very important role in any modern living space design. We deploy state-of-the-art automation in most of our projects. An automated home brings the following benefits to your living space:

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  • Convenience. Lighting, heating and cooling systems can all be controlled with single-touch scenes such as: welcome home, good night, entertaining, cooking, dining and more.

  • Safety. With home automation you can protect your home from burglary, water leaks, frozen pipes, fire, intrusion, gas leaks, and more. You can also control your home from your mobile device anywhere in the world.

  • Aesthetics. A large home with many lighting systems can contain dozens, even hundreds of light switches on various walls. Not only is this inconvenient but it can also take away from the visual beauty of the walls. We work to avoid this. Instead of rows of light switches, we can configure lighting control via a few discrete control pads, and wall touchscreens, or portable devices. You can even eliminate wall switches completely.

  • Energy efficiency. Home automation allows us to lower the greenhouse gas footprint of your home by automatically reducing energy usage when you’re not at home.


Lighting, particularly interior lighting, has a dramatic impact on the comfort level of your home. The lighting has to be an appropriate type and temperature. It is important that you can control the light level on all of your core lighting systems in the most active rooms such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, and entertainment room. Automated lighting controls, often referred to as “smart lighting” means you can eliminate dozens of lighting wall switches and replace them with simple control panels. A single control panel can control any number of lights in any number of rooms. This way you don’t have to walk to all the switches in all the rooms to change the level of lighting. The larger the home, the more critical lighting control becomes. Instead of walking to each and every room and manually turning off the lights, you can have a single button that you can press in your bedroom that simply says good night. Pressing this button runs a preprogrammed “lighting scene” that can turn off all the lights in the home, reduce the heating or air conditioning, arm the alarm, close the garage door, turn off all the televisions and entertainment systems, and leave exterior lighting on at 50%. You can also program convenient scenes for things such as dining, cooking, entertaining, away, football and welcome home. You can even include music playlists in each of these scenes.

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Safety & Security

An automated home manages your alarm system as well as other safety measures. You can arm or disarm your home from your mobile phone no matter where you are in the world. If someone rings the front doorbell, you can see who’s at the door on your mobile phone or on a touchscreen in your home. We always recommend safety sensors such as a water detection sensor on the laundry room and bathroom floors, heat, fire and gas detectors where appropriate, and security cameras strategically placed around the property. If you are away and the home detects an intrusion, the home can turn on all the lights, call you on your cell phone, notify the police, notify neighbors, sound the alarm and flash exterior lights for first responders. This kind of aggressive response to an intrusion will very likely deter the intruder from entering your home. Similarly, if you and your family are home asleep and the home detects an intrusion, once again all the lights will come on, a very loud alarm will sound, and neighbors/police can be notified immediately, all automatically.

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Like everyone else, you’ll want music and television in your home for you and your family to enjoy. A good home design featuring home automation means that there are very few devices necessary to enjoy your entertainment. No more drawer filled with remote controls! Speakers can be embedded in the walls, and even made 100% invisible. Wires can be hidden behind walls to support the aesthetic of your beautiful home. Drop-down screens for home theatres can be completely obscured by cabinetry while retracted. When it comes time to watch video entertainment, you can control and select the source from a portable touchscreen or a special remote that controls your entire home in the palm of your hand.

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Modern home automation ties into your heating and cooling system and allows you to control the temperature from your mobile phone, an in-wall touchscreen, or portable touchscreen anywhere in your home. When returning home from a trip, you can turn up your heat prior to your arrival. Increase your pool temperature prior to arrival home so you can enjoy a warm swim as soon as you arrive. Have your home automatically reduce the heating or cooling when you exit and increase it when you return home. As soon as you return home and open your garage door, your home can light your way into the home, set the temperature for your arrival, play your favorite music playlist, disarm the alarm, then remind you if you forgot to close the garage door behind you.

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You can control an automated home from your mobile phone, wall-mounted touchscreens, or from a special remote control that allows you to control every aspect of your home from the palm of your hand. If you leave your home and forgot to set the alarm or turn down the air conditioning, you can make a quick adjustment on your mobile device. You can control your alarm system, A/V equipment, motorized blinds and drapery, heating and cooling system, front door entry, motorized garage doors, swimming pool and more. You can also view your camera images from your mobile phone or touchscreen. Imagine you’re out for dinner at a restaurant, you get a notification on your mobile phone that the doorbell has been rung. You press a button to see a delivery person with the package at your front door. You can have a conversation with the delivery person and instruct him to leave the package on the veranda, or you can unlock the door, watch him place the package inside the door, watch him return outside, then lock the door behind him.

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Home Automation Overview

This movie is a useful overview of what home automation can bring to your residence. There are a number of home automation solutions on the market, from Do-It-Yourself devices you can buy and install on your own, to commercial home automation systems that must be designed and delivered by specialist professional contractors. Viali works with professional home automation contractors. That way the automation is an integral part of the overall design of your home.

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Home Automation is an important component of the modern home. 

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