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Privacy Policy


VIALI’s Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about our practices relating to the management of the personal information we collect. It has been prepared in compliance with the Canadian Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act.


The term "personal information" under this policy means personal information about you that you provide to us and that from time to time we might need to obtain from other sources with your consent. While this policy applies to both individual and business customers, it does not apply to your business or professional information including the name of the organization you work for, your title, work address or work telephone number.

Collection of Personal Information

The purposes for requesting personal information is to be able to do business with you or serve you as VIALI’s customer, and to fulfill VIALI’s business record keeping requirements. Only the information necessary to fulfill these purposes will be collected.  If VIALI needs to use personal information it has collected from you for a new or different purpose your consent to do so will first be obtained.

Your contact information is collected at the time VIALI is obtaining information about your requirements for working with VIALI or for obtaining VIALI services. Contact information is used to communicate with you about your interest in VIALI offerings, to deliver services, to manage your design project(s) and accounts with VIALI and for business administration and record keeping requirements. For example, VIALI will work with trades people and retailers in order to meet the specifications of design project(s) and it may be necessary to provide your contact information for work to be done and products to be delivered.

Your financial information is only collected to facilitate the advance of a retainer for work to be done, for the payment of work completed and for VIALI’s financial administration and record keeping purposes. The financial information collected is restricted to the particulars necessary to carry out a given method of payment.

VIALI will never release your personal information to others who do not work for or with VIALI on customer project(s) unless compelled by law to do so. Only the information that is legally required to be disclosed will be provided to the authority authorized to receive the information.  In the event VIALI is required to release your personal information in compliance with a verified legal request and unless prohibited by law, VIALI will make all reasonable efforts to advise you in advance of providing the information, or otherwise as soon as it is practicable to do so.

VIALI requires all individuals and entities who do work for VIALI or who work on VIALI customer projects to maintain the personal information of customers confidential. Access to personal information is given only on a need to know basis in order to fulfill mandates for the delivery of services, or for the maintenance and administration of VIALI’s operations and business records.

Protection of Personal Information

VIALI protects your personal information with digital and physical safeguards and security measures. Hard copies of information are stored securely and access is restricted by way of an office security system including surveillance. Soft copies of personal information are protected by firewalls, passwords, encryption and other protocols to mitigate risks to data security associated with third party attempts to hack into information technology systems, such as email and internet malware.

VIALI will from time to time contact you to ensure the accuracy of your personal information and will be diligent about updating this information when changes are received from you or third parties with your consent. Similarly, regular review of this Privacy Policy and our privacy protection protocols will be done and changes implemented as reasonably required to keep your personal information secure.

The length of time VIALI retains information varies depending on the service, the nature of the relationship and the nature of the information. This period may extend beyond the end of work that has been done under a customer or other business mandate, but only as long as needed to ensure a proper response can be made to any issue that may arise in connection with a completed mandate, and to ensure the proper destruction, deletion or conversion of the information into an anonymous form.

VIALI Website

VIALI does not use cookies (small data text files sent to your computer) to collect information or track data from visitors to its website. Search engines and other third party internet providers and sites may use cookies, however, and their respective policies should be consulted for more information about this and their information collection practices.


From time to time we may provide links to third party websites for your convenience.  If you click on those links and leave the VIALI website this Privacy Policy will no longer apply and you should consult the policy of the third party site you access through the link.

Inquiries and Information Requests

VIALI may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Upon visiting the VIALI website, the Privacy Policy in place at that time will apply.

It is your right to access the information we have about you in our records. VIALI may have to take steps, however, before giving you this information to ensure that you do not also receive other information which is the proprietary or personal information of third parties, information legally prohibited from disclosure, or confidential and proprietary information of VIALI.


You may direct all inquiries, concerns and requests about the handling of your personal information to VIALI by contacting:

Linda Price-Bennett     


VIALI, a Division of 2264370 Ontario Ltd.

116 Cartier Street

Suite 1
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K2P 1K5

2430 Vanderbilt Beach Rd.

Suite 108-608

Naples, Florida, USA


T: 613 410 6845


All responses to inquiries and requests will be provided within 10 working days.

You can also contact the appropriate provincial body that oversees privacy concerns.

If during the course of a project or after a project is completed you would like to withdraw your consent for VIALI to use your personal information, please send your written request as directed above and VIALI will confirm when it has acted on your request. In acting on your request, VIALI will, however, reserve a copy of the personal information needed to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, or administer and enforce agreements.


We work to ensure your full satisfaction with every aspect of your project.

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