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Why Viali?


Six compelling reasons

to use Viali for your design project.

  •  Art

A beautiful and enjoyable living space is about more than just the floor coverings, wall colors and furniture. Art conveys something about you – the person or family occupying that space. Art in your living space evokes a certain feeling. Art evokes a reaction. Art in your living space can bring ideas, thoughts, and impressions from outside into your home. Linda Price-Bennett, as a certified and experienced art consultant, will take your existing art collection into account in design, or augment the design with new art. Either way, Viali brings a whole new level of understanding, appreciation and application of art to your project.

  • Team Depth

Viali has a well-rounded team with unique skills and deep experience in all aspects of home design/build, which we draw upon for any sophisticated renovation or new build project. Viali’s team brings important skills such as project management, art consultation, 3D rendering and CAD drawing, custom design of cabinetry and furniture and more. Viali’s team has the depth necessary to handle all aspects of your design/build project.

  • Home Automation

We believe automation plays a very important role in any modern living space design. We deploy state-of-the-art automation in most of our projects. An automated home brings the following benefits to your living space:

  • Convenience. Lighting, heating, and cooling systems can all be controlled with single-touch scenes such as welcome home, good night, entertaining, cooking, dining - the options are unlimited.

  • Safety. With home automation you can protect your home from burglary, water leaks, frozen pipes, fire, intrusion, gas leaks and more. You can also control your home from your mobile device anywhere in the world.

  • Aesthetics. A large home with many lighting systems can contain dozens, even hundreds of light switches on various walls. Not only is this inconvenient but it can also take away from the visual beauty of the walls. We work to avoid this. Instead of rows of light switches, we can configure lighting control via a few discrete control pads, and wall touchscreens, or portable devices. You can even eliminate wall switches completely.

  • Energy efficiency. Home automation allows us to lower the greenhouse gas footprint of your home by automatically reducing energy usage when you’re not at home.

  • Audio/Visual

Music is an important component of the at-home experience, and Viali takes this into account in all its designs. Hear the music you love in any location including the backyard. Speakers should be discrete, and we extensively utilize invisible speakers. Include music playlists in automated scenes such as entertaining, cooking, dining - the options are unlimited. Play different music in different rooms and control music sources from in-wall touchpads or portable devices. Flatscreen TVs should be well placed with absolutely no visible wiring whatsoever. The viewing/listening experience should be maximized but with an absolute minimum of devices such as remote controls. Speakers should be discrete at a minimum and completely invisible at best.

  • Project Coordination

Unlike most traditional interior design firms, Viali can play a pivotal role via its Project Coordination service. We can deal with the construction manager and all of the day-to-day issues that come up with construction, so you can deal strictly with Linda for periodic briefings and updates. With extensive experience in new construction and renovation, Viali understands all aspects of construction including framing, plumbing, HVAC, permitting, landscaping, painting, etc. We will hold contractors accountable for the quality of their work, the timing, and budget control.

  • Beyond the Ordinary

Sometimes the ”right” product or finishing is simply not available. Viali can custom design furniture, cabinetry, window coverings, shelving, etc. for your specific need. We have designed custom cabinets, reading tables, cabinetry and more. We work with quality craftsmen to ensure the final delivered product meets your expectations. We have even custom-designed a yacht interior.

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Your designer must be able to deal with anything that comes up in your project, even the unexpected.

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