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Materials Procurement

Purchasing the right materials from the right suppliers is a critical part of any successful renovation or new build. Such materials would typically include:



Window coverings




Cabinetry and shelving

Kitchen and bathroom fixtures


Audiovisual equipment (speakers, TVs, etc.)

Automation equipment (touchscreens, in wall keypads, etc.)

Door and lock hardware

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Viali can enter into an arrangement with you to purchase these project materials on your behalf. There are three major benefits to such an arrangement:

  • Design Consistency

Viali will ensure that all materials are consistent with the overall design. Aspects of the materials such as fit, finishing, colour, size, etc. are selected to ensure everything flows with the overall look and feel of the living space in accordance with the master design plan. Chrome and steel bathroom and kitchen fixtures would be suitable for a modern or more industrial contemporary look. Brass or ceramic fixtures on the other hand would be suitable for more Mediterranean or classic look and feel. All materials contribute in some way to the master design.

  • Cost Savings

  • Time Savings

Materials purchased through Viali will often be below usual retail cost.

You can save virtually all of the time required to shop, source, and select materials for your project. Viali will propose materials for your review and selection, help you select the most suitable materials for your design and your budget, then Viali will take care of all the details from that point forward.

Viali always selects premium materials from trusted suppliers with proven track records. Viali has a large portfolio of trusted suppliers of such premium materials. Viali can also:

  • Source Materials

Viali will research and identify candidate suppliers for unique or rare materials. If necessary, Viali will source materials by soliciting competitive bids from different suppliers, then selecting the optimal supplier based on price and after-sales service and support. After all, the supplier is just as important as the product itself.

  • Custom Design

Viali can custom design cabinetry and furniture to suit your project. This can include stand-alone items such as custom shelving or display cases, all the way to custom-built desks, reading tables, wall units, home theatre seating, wine racks and more.

procurement of Faucets.jpg

All the materials and finishings of the living space contribute to the overall look and feel. Consistency with the overall design is paramount.

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