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Retirement &

Hospitality Design

A typical retirement residence design project consists of

the following four phases:


  • Planning & Interior Design 

  • Exterior Design & Landscaping       

  • Procurement Management

  • Finishing

  • Planning & Interior Design

Viali contributes to the overall conceptual model of the project, including the look and feel of the space, the appropriateness of materials, and the degree to which the living space appeals to the residents/owners and to  the philosophy of the building owners. Viali is an active participant in the overall project planning team. Project plans and designs are reviewed and amended in conjunction with the project team and senior management. Design elements typically include space planning, room layouts, lighting plans, millwork design, selection and specification of plumbing and electrical fixtures, flooring, window treatments, furniture, art and décor items, automation planning and audiovisual equipment specification for all common areas, including reception areas, lobbies, dining areas, offices, hair salons, exercise/fitness areas, medical areas, meeting rooms, family visitation areas, dementia- sensitive spaces as well as exterior furnishings, landscaping and finishings.

  • Exterior Design & Landscaping

Exterior design refers to exterior cladding and finishes, porches and balconies, windows, roofing, landscaping and hardscaping, irrigation, out buildings, outdoor living spaces, swimming pools, and patios. Viali works closely with the project team to ensure the design plan is adhered to in all areas to maximizes the experience of the residents, while maintaining financial efficiency throughout.

  • Procurement Management

  • Finishing

Viali will select and recommend FFE (fixtures, furniture, and equipment list) as part of its overall design work. We will then source suitable suppliers and secure optimal supplier prices through competitive bidding. This ensures reliable future budget projections for procurement of FFE.

The finishing stage involves selection and supervision of the installation and placement of and correction of deficiencies to: moldings and trims, door hardware, railings, flooring, millwork, light fixtures, security devices, fitness equipment, appliances, furniture, window treatments, art and décor items. In some cases this can include the selection of bedding, linens, kitchen accoutrements and more.


A retirement home must feel like a home, not an institution.

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