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The Power of Scent in your Home

Updated: May 11, 2021

Easy ways to add scent to your home

To me, every aspect of a space’s interior is important to its overall aesthetic. All of the senses

should be intrigued in good design. One area that is often overlooked is scent. The scent or lack

of scent in a designed space either enhances or detracts from its overall ambiance.

Scent triggers emotional reactions. It follows suit that selecting a scent for your interior and

exterior spaces is as important as the furnishing and finishes you select. When I choose which

home fragrances to use in my designed interior or exterior space, I like to consider how the scent

will harmonize with the surroundings and accentuate the mood. When I design outdoor spaces,

I carefully consider the scent of the plants and their location in relationship to sitting areas and


According to Dawn C. Buse, Ph.D., clinical psychologist in the Department of Neurology at

Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, “the first time that we experience a particular

scent, we associate it with events, people, and emotions of the time.” So, when entering a

scented room, two things may happen: if the smell is familiar, old memories will be evoked,

possibly offering a sense of nostalgia. If the smell is completely new, then new memories will be


There are many different ways of effectively add fragrance to a space.. Scent should be layered

and nuanced, never overpowering, to effectively enhance the mood I am intending to create

with your design. From the very simple to the more detailed methods here are a few of my

favorite ways to create beautiful new memories or to invoke nostalgic memories in my

designed spaces…

Fresh cut flowers.

A bouquet of fragrant flowers in a striking vase is a simple way l add scent to any space.

Beautifully fragranced candles.

I love the scents and the quality of the premium Soy Candles from the Vancouver Candle

Company. Purposely crafted home fragrances that are rooted in tradition, driven by innovation and an endless desire to please the senses.

Catalytic Lamps

My favorite is The Lamp Berger.

The Lampe Berger:

In the beginning, the Lampe Berger was only intended to clean the air of hospitals and

eliminate germs. Over the years, the perfume dimension has been added to this use. The

diffused odor became more pleasant allowing the catalytic lamp to become more popular

amongst households. 

Your home is an environment in which you spend a lot of time, so it must be clean and healthy.

Your grandparents understood this and trusted us. Our collaborations with the grandiose

designers of the time also put us on the map.

This product has gone through decades and fashions. The style of the lamp has evolved

enormously in recent years, and designers are continuously sought out for the development

and collaboration of new collections.

Whole home or business scenting using diffusers

Whether you’re looking for a whole home scenting option that will allow your

scent to cover multiple areas through your central heating and cooling system,

or just looking to scent a single area, AROMA 360 ’s product line of offers a

wide-range of options for home scenting.

Linda Price-Bennett

Currator of The Good Life ™

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